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  Please contact me below for inquiries about booking availability, and pricing.
Both In-person and  Virtual options are available where applicable.

Booking Available For:

*Private Coaching 
*Master Classes
*Guest Teaching for Summer/Winter Intensives
*Project Based Rehearsal Directing/Rehearsal Assistant
*Audition Video Coaching/Filming
*Audition Photos- In Studio (packages available)
*Audition Resume Editing
*Variation/Competition Coaching

*Private Lessons (Individual or Small Groups)
*Corporate Wellness Yoga
*Special Events
*Chair Yoga 
*Yoga for Dancers 

*Purchase of Photography Prints
* Special Photography Projects
*Ballet Audition Photos - In Studio (packages available)

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!   ~Kara 

Thank You! Message Sent.

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