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Kara Zimmerman

    Welcome to my photography page! 

I am excited to share with you photographs of  my travels, as well as around my beautiful city of Chicago.  I have found photography to be a great creative outlet and a fun way to find my own creative voice in a different way other than dancing.   I bought my first "real" camera last July of 2022, and started taking photography classes..and have been taking photos pretty much non stop since!

Please enjoy below a sample of some of my favorite shots. Stay tuned as I will continue to add new photos and add updates on my photography journey! 


Thank you to everyone that came to the Gallery Opening!! It was so wonderful to talk to people about my photographs, and hear their thoughts and reactions!  All photos will remain up through Jan... so you still have time to check them out.  I am in amazing company with 8 other talented photographers! 

Show Class Poster 2 JPEG.jpg

 Below are a closer look at the 5 photographs I have up for the gallery.  All photos are available for purchase of prints.  Please contact me for further information if interested! 


1. Into their Eyes    2. Under the Bridge   3. Up the Wall

4. On the Surface    5. Through the pavement

Show Class Social Media 2.jpeg
Show class photo1.jpeg
Show Class Photo 3.jpeg



Beach Photos

Spain - Madrid, Granada, Malaga